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Date: 8th-May-2018

Silk sarees and brides are a special combination that knows no comparison. It is in very rare cases and scenarios that we can not fall in love with a bride and her trousseau and today is no such day. Photographed by Dilipan photography, we are completely awed at how this bride has beautifully and gracefully taken over her wedding trousseau to a notch higher than the other brides. Let's see what she's got in store.

This too grand and glamorous saree with rich designs is a total killer!

This very prime and brilliantly worked red lehenga is going to give this bride all the amazing compliments that she totally deserves.

This aqua blue saree and it's contrast purple blouse is just giving us the royale feels. We love this look already!

This pink saree to top all the royalness and everything above is totally our favourite. 

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