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Date: 8th-Aug-2017

The saree is known as the most versatile garments in the fashion world. The seamless 6-yard long piece of clothing features incredible prints, colors, materials and embellishments.

The sheer grace of a saree lies not just in the material but also in the color and when orange is the color of choice you ought to look incredibly beautiful!

Redefine your style statement with these fashion-forward Orange Sarees embellished with beads, sequence work, pearls and embroidery work and make a perfect addition to your saree collection for all occasions 

A blouse design that inspires our bridal wear goals

Photo credits :  Zero Gravity

A smile on her lips a glow in her eyes and a saree blouse combo that's simply breathtaking.

Photo credits : Ashwin kireet

An intricately designed blouse to match the sheer glam of the designer saree

Photo credits :  Ashwin kireet

Orange and purple the two colors that work wonders to accentuate the coy brides beauty.

Photo credits :  Studio A

The orange saree is made all the more alluring by the gleaming golden blouse.

Photo credits :  ranganath photography

What makes the the stunning bride look even more appealing is the chic and elegant combination of orange and blue.

Orange and purple a match made in heaven.

Photo credits : Golden Shutter

He said you are prettiest, she said so is my orange and green attire.

Photo credits :  Mantra the design studio

Contemporary style is redefined with this unique saree blouse combination.

Photo credits : Kabir Gowda Photography 

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