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Date: 16th-May-2019

Temple designs have become one of the most wanted and talked about designs to be etched on Muhurtham blouses these days. Brides make it a point to incorporate their favourite deity's structure of the structure of their most favourite Gods and Goddesses on their blouses as a token of showing their love and gratitude towards their creators. These designs have become our most favourite and we wouldn't lie about that. The royal creations are here to make you all fall in love. Let's have a look at them, shall we?

Blouse designed by Turquoise Design Studio

Photography by Lumiere wedding company

Blouse designed by Nazia Syed


Blouse designed by Thra- Nethra Madhan

Blouse designed by Maliboo Designers

Make Up by Swank Studio


Blouse designed by Maya Mantra

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