Contrast Colour Blouses- A Trend That Is Here To Stay

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Date: 7th-Nov-2018

South India is known for it's silk and silk sarees. No wedding happens without a silk saree draped over a bride and most importantly without the blouses that go hand in hand with it. Now is the time for the brides to experiment on contrast shades of blouses and such is the scenario here. Completely contrast blouses that go parallelly well with these silk sarees are an awe to look at. These blouses have been tailored with such brilliance and having in mind the fact that these hold no comparison to any other normal blouse designs.


Photography by Kabir Photography

Photography by Sunil Emmar

Memory Lanes

Photograph sourced from Pinterest

Photography by Vijayeesam

Photography by Arun Titan Studio

Photography by Aju Photography

Photograph sourced from Pinterest

Photograph sourced from D Sign D

Photography sourced from Pinterest

Photography by RVR Pro

Photography by Zero Gravity Photography

Photography sourced from Pinterest

Photography by Zero Gravity Photography

Photography by Gowtham Sivakumar Photography

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