Creative Ideas For How To Use Necklace As Nethi-Chutti!

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Date: 22nd-Mar-2019

Modern jewellery design follows the trend of being versatile, therefore working as multipurpose pieces. The cost of making these is escalating day by day and it makes good sense to wear the same piece in many ways to enhance its wearability. A small tweak is all that is required to create a Nethi chutti out of a necklace. A pendant works best as the nethi chutti needs a centrepiece to look nice. The nethi chutti enhances your eyes and completes an ethnic ensemble to perfection. Here are wonderful ways displayed by the brides of Bronzer Bridal Makeup Artist flaunting accessories by Bronzer Bridal Jewellery showing us how to style it right! 

If you have a pendant with a drop crafted out of a pearl or semi-precious stone in the centre it works beautifully. Just ensure that you have enough bobby pins and use hair spray to keep your hair in place. Place the pendant in the centre of your forehead and spread the chain on both sides of the head to form a loop. Fix it in place with hairpins to create the nethi chutti look.

Alternatively, gather the two sides of the chain together and place it within your hair’s parting. The pendant should be at the juncture of the hairline and the forehead. The trick is to secure the jewellery well with hairpins.

It helps if you tie your hair, at least in the front to create a place where the pins can be inserted with support. This will help in avoiding slippage and will allow you to keep your hair looking neat at all times and your necklace turned nethi chutti will stay in place making you look mesmerizingly beautiful!


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