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Date: 17th-May-2020

Are you someone who believes in being the centre of attraction? Well if yes, then wearing Peplum lehenga for your wedding is just the right thing for you to do. From choosing pastels to going all out with bold colours. From Minimal designs to detailed intricate designs you can opt for your favourite one to keep it going. Being trendy is on everyone’s hit list so why not do it with full dedication.

 Here is a curation of few selected peplum lehenga designs for you to get inspired and save you some time while indulging in wedding shopping:

Image Source: Pinterest

Look at these fresh and whimsical lehenga colours and designs!


Image Source: Devnaagri

What a lovely shade to be worn at your ‘Day wedding’.


Image Source: Kalki

Right shades of pink, when put together can give you that ‘Dream look’ that you always wanted!


Image Source: Pinterest

This wedding season, easy to carry and comfortable peplum lehenga has to be your first choice!


Image Source: Pinterest

Shoulder peplum lehenga is the right choice for every bride out there!


Image Source: Pinterest

We are here drooling over this look while we know you have already saved it for your future reference!


Image Source: Pinterest

What a match! Isn’t that what came to your mind after seeing this perfect match of colours?


Image Source: Pinterest

This bride looks like a fairy in lovely pink peplum lehenga and we can’t stop swooning over!


Image Source:  Sabyasachi

Look at these fresh and whimsical lehenga colours and designs!


Image Source: Pinterest

Gone are the days when brides wanted to stay in their lane, it’s high time you make your own lane and pull off the designs you want to!


Image Source: Sabyasachi

From subtle colours to gorgeous design and the trendy peplum look, we can’t decide what we like more!


Image Source: Sabyasachi

Bold colours like these to give you the royal look for your wedding!


Image Source: Sana Yasir

Not your regular lehenga but oh boy can we take our eyes off the grandeur? Hell, No


Image Source: Tarun Tahiliani

Time to look resplendent in this gorgeous gold Peplum Lehenga!

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