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Date: 24th-May-2020

Floral jada billais are very last season! The new and happening trend is to wear catchy and classy jadai ornaments on to plaited hair or styled free fair. Here are a few inspirations that are a big fad this wedding season


Source: Anita Dongre

Who needs flowers to embellish their bridal plaits when such beautiful jada billai made of stones and pearls can adorn the hair?


Source: Anita Dongre

Not just your attire, make your hair look like royalty too on your big day. Adorn your plaits with intricate hair jewellery with cascading pearl strands and kundhan work.


Source: Dot dusk

The bejeweled hair ornament with pendants and pearls perfectly complement the beautiful curled hair do.


Source: Mohsin Naveed Ranjha

You don’t need an elaborate hair accessory to achieve this look. All you will need are a few pendants and a golden/zari ribbon that can be plaited along with your plaits.


Source: NAC jewelers

Look like a modern day princess adorning the antique jada billai made out of silver, studded with kemp, green and white precious stones. Samantha has matched it perfectly with complementing haaram and nethi chutti.


Source: Pinterest

We love the versatility of this jada billai. Made out of pearls and simple single pearl strands, it can be matched with any colour saree or lehenga.


Source: Pinterest

This is a perfect example of traditional South Indian jada billai. The “rakodi” on the top that is circular shaped followed by a traditional crescent “chandiran” design and a snake design called “naagar”. The entire accessory is finished with circular or tassel like ornament made of cloth or threads called “kunjalam” that are often embellished too.


Source: Pinterest

Sonam rocked the Cannes red carpet 2019 in this look. We adore her indo-western style dress that she delightfully accessorized with this ethnic jada billai. Isn’t she a true fashionista, always experimenting with new styles and breaking rules?


Source: Pinterest

Combining flowers with the jada billais is an eccentric yet elegant look for the hair. This look is superfluous and will make you hairdo stand out. Make sure to wear it when your outfit isn’t too loud or elaborate.

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