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Date: 29th-Oct-2018

Even though all ladies are so in love with shopping and prefer to stay on trend, we lack the knowledge of what’s on us. We really don’t know to make out the difference between high-quality fabrics and poor quality fabrics. A high-quality fabric not only looks great but it serves us with a lot of comfort and stays the same after multiple washes. Even a simple high-quality cotton saree can speak a lot about your personality. Choosing the best fabrics is not only a good investment but also elevates your confidence and class to the next level. Where do we find such fabrics? Well, one of the most popular answers to it – Deetya, COIMBATORE. The boutique deals with a number of different high-quality fabrics that are directly sourced from the fabric’s origin place. Only the best is chosen from the purest and sold to the people back in the city. Here is a list of all different fabrics available in Deetya boutique.

They deal with beautiful dress materials such as – Rich Cotton, Chanderi, Maheswari, Tussar, Georgetts, Lenins, Mutka , Silks. The saree fabrics that they work with are cotton, woven cotton from banaras, banarasi silk, tussar, hand woven jutes, handloom silk, lenins, Manipuri silk, Ikat, Supernets, etc….

“When you can have the entire goodness under one roof, why have a second thought? “ To mention Deetya also does beautiful designing services and to the perfection in-house tailoring. They are known for their excellent customer services and customer satisfaction.

Wearing the right quality drapes on is like a primer to your makeup, it makes you feel comfortable on your skin and keeps your confidence all day long….



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