#Shopzters Saree Picks- Light Green Edition Part 2

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Date: 2nd-Jan-2019

Are you the kind of bride who wants to look traditional with a twist of contemporary on your big day? Well, the colour light green is your answer! A colour so in style and one that is sure to make you feel youthful. Amongst all greens, light green drapes are very ideal for your big day, to make yourself look bright and to carry a beautiful glow. Our Shopzters brides constantly keep giving us bridal goal. Here we present to you our hand-picked light green favourites!


Whether it is with bold purple borders or subtle pink borders, this is the colour you all need to stock up on, in your wardrobes. Love all the looks here with a play of green. All the brides truly look resplendent! Don't you all agree?

We love the colour combinations worn by them here. Just the right hues to go with the bright green.



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