Love Jewellery? Well, You Can Wear Them In More Ways Than One - Bejewelled Blouses!

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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

Our love for Jewellery is something that will never cease! Isn’t that right girls? *wink wink. So what is new in the world of pearl beads, heavy lockets, gold dipped coins and kundan stones you ask? We’ll tell you. You can still wear them, but this is wear wear them! Get the difference? Its Bejewelled Blouses y’all! Yes! You read that right. We have super awesome blouses with pieces of jewellery stitched onto them, and we tell you, it is amazing! It is super classy and no, you will not look like a well-lit Christmas tree! Have a look, get inspired, share the picture with your local tailor/designer and get one done for yourself! It’s time to be the envy of your girl gang!


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