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Date: 29th-Mar-2019

This is the age of bridal swag! Instead of sticking to clichés, the brides today love to experiment with several looks and rock them like stars! Mantra - The Design Studio brides wear bridal blouses that redefine fashion.

Brides in Pink blouses

Regardless of age, every woman loves pink. It is a colour that is dainty and daring at the same time and looks great on Indian complexion. Here are the most stunning pink blouses that are hand embroidered sometime with heavy designs and sometimes with minimal work that makes every bride look like a goddess!

Brides who love electric blues and pastel purples

Who doesn’t love to make a statement with their ensemble on their big day. These are a few beautifully decorated blouses with cutwork, temple jewellery motifs, simple patterns and thread embroidery.

Royal red and opulent oranges

How can a bridal trousseau be complete without an orange or red blouse? These are the perfect colours that blend and contrast with most of the kanjeevarams. An intricately worked red and orange blouse from our mantra designers will be handy for matching with any other saree and lehenga. The elegant border work, kasu work and stunning golden embroidery makes it a must have for all the Indian brides!

The ever ”green” blouse

Who wouldn’t want to steal this elegantly worked sheer back blouse and classy hand embroidered pastel green blouse from your wardrobe? They are such timeless masterpieces from our designers at Mantra.

Neutral gold

This golden embroidered blouse with sequences running all over it is a classic blouse that will be handy and will go with all your sarees. It is a must have in any woman’s wardrobe!


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