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Date: 13th-Jun-2019

Green is known to be the true colour of serenity and anything that correlates with the term peace and harmony. Green has the tendency to make things look all the peaceful and brides have always had a choice between red or green. Green brings out the brighter side of brides and also talks about how serene the bride could be. Here are few brides who chose green for their big day and are bright as a bunch of fresh green leaves under the rain clad trees. Green's been giving us the chills and so are these gorgeous brides!

Photography by Smiley media

Makeup by Steff hair  and makeup

Photography by Light bucket 

Photography by Mystic Studios

Photography by Kabir Gowda Photography

Photography by My Winks Photography

Photography by Iswarya Photos

Photography by Studio A

Photography by Siraj Khan

Photography by Aswin Suresh Photography


Green sarees look best when paired with blouses in the shades of pink, red, royal blue, mustard and even pastel shades like coral and ivory! Green being a vibrant colour always looks beautiful in photos, hence this colour will definitely be the much-needed pop of colour in your wedding albums.


Photography by Foto Freaks Photography

Photograph sourced from Pinterest

Photograph sourced from Pinterest

Photograph sourced from Pinterest

This is one of our favourite looks of gorgeous actress Sneha Prasanna who was seen sporting this stunning pure silk Kanjeevaram saree at a family friend’s wedding in Karaikudi. She sure knows how to accessorise right, not just with her statement jewellery but also with her choice of blouses. Interesting fact- most of her blouses are designed by her sister Sangeetha Suresh who has a label under the name, “Geetu Haute Couture”. Creativity runs in the family, doesn’t it?

Photography by Iswarya Photos

Photography by Aishwarya Videos

Photography by Mystic Studios - Makeup by Divya

Photography by Zero Gravity

Photography by Minchu Studio

Photography by Vipin - Eves the bridal studio

Photograph sourced from Pinterest

Photography by Minchu Studio

Photography by Jeevan Wedding Arts


Photography by Eden Studios

Photography by Aju Photography

Photograph sourced from Pinterest


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