#Shopzters Saree Picks- Light Blue Edition!

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Date: 15th-May-2019

“Every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway.” Wear six yards of sheer elegance and nail your every day looks by opting for a light blue saree. Pair it up with a black, silver or golden blouse and be beautiful in all ways.

“When grace and couture shook hands, the saree was born.” Look incredibly gorgeous in a light blue drape.  Blue is the colour of peace. Rock the harmonious and optimistic look and be the talk of the town by being beautifully you.

Look like a million dollars and make stunning appearances in a pastel blue or turquoise blue saree with a golden blouse. Add an element of hotness and redefine the trend by walking confidently in an aesthetic 6-yard drape. Let everyone be awestruck by your graceful look.


Photography by Ashwin Suresh

Photography by Memory Lanes


Photography by Vijayeesam

Photography by The Photo Today

Sourced from Tulsi Silks

Photography by Zero Gravity Photography

Photography by Studio A

Photograph sourced from Pinterest

Photography by Light Bucket

Photography by Zero gravity

Photography by Arun titan studio

Photography by Dilipan Photography

Photograph sourced from Pinterest

Photograph sourced from Pinterest

Photograph sourced from Pinterest


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