A Shopzters Styled Photo Shoot That Will Make You Rub Your Eyes In Awe!

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Date: 12th-Aug-2018

Recently, Shopzters coordinated a photo shoot for two big brands Anya, Coimbatore & The Big Shop, Ooty featuring the gorgeous models Mrs. Globe Classic Indian Ocean 2018 Dr. Jaya Mahesh & her daughter Sanjana Mahesh, who showered poses with brilliant aesthetics in every angle . A great team of professional photographers, makeup artists, stylists, designers and us worked together to bring our ideas to life!

A shoot board was designed and everyone pitched in with their ideas. The stunning models look their best beautiful in the blue and pink ensemble fashioned by Anya . The breathtakingly gorgeous trinkets are the creation of Big Shop Jewellery. With a mix of indoor and outdoor shots Mystic Studios contributed immensely towards the success of the photo shoot.

The right makeup can make or break a look; our good friends at Bronzer Bridal Makeup Artist have exceeded all expectations with a look so unique you can’t flip through the album without looking twice. When you are done obsessing over the outfit, makeup and photography the obvious attention grabber is the unique location by Dwaraka Inn!

As Chuck Palahniuk wisely said - “Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I've ever known." We thank our featured vendors for the combined effort that resulted in awe-inspiring pictures that are just too fine for words.

More pics from the traditional wedding look from the same HERE.










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