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Date: 14th-Sep-2020

Capturing the essence of history, not within the pages of a book, but in the weaves and folds of silk, is no easy feat. Palam Silks offers a delightful voyage into the past, exploring the four great empires of South India, with the Dynasty Collection. A stunning range of Kanchivaram masterpieces, it depicts South India’s rich culture and heritage, drawing inspiration from the four great kingdoms of the Pallavas, Cholas, Cheras and Pandavas. It is a tribute to Tamil Royalty who patronised and preserved Tamil artistry and craftsmanship for centuries.

The Dynasty Collection is a majestic range of silk sarees, inspired by the ancient coins, sigils and temple sculptures of that era. These design details have been intricately woven with gold and silver zari work into the bhuttas and pallu. The vibrant colour palette depicts mint greens, turquoise blues, sunflower yellows, progressing to lavender and beige evening hues.  "Flaunt your legacy in a very edgy way," says designer and founder of Palam Silks, Mrs Jeyasree Ravi.

This collection aims to dive deeper into the folds of history and weave a story of the flourishing Tamil culture and Parambarya. Mrs Jeyasree adds - “From a young age, I've heard about our rich South Indian history and I was always keen to bring forth our culture through silk. The more I learnt about our ancient lineage and Tamizh workmanship, the more inspired I was to tell their story through my designs.”

“Normally when someone appreciates our saree, we instantly talk about what we are wearing. But this collection is a story in itself. Here, you can describe the legacy of each coin-inspired bhutta. A silk patron will never find similar bhuttas in their wardrobe. The designs are beautiful, one-of-a-kind and eye-catching.”

When you drape the mesmerising Kanchivaram silks from this collection, you will not only be honouring Tamil Nadu’s workmanship but also the earliest connoisseurs of silk from the Sangam era. The Dynasty woman celebrates this with pride, by wearing a saree inspired by Tamizh history and culture. "It's an entirely different feeling to wear a Dynasty silk saree and step outside the state or country - a great way to showcase your love for your culture and deep-rooted heritage", says Mrs Jeyasree Ravi.

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