The Most Beautiful Naths We Spotted On Our Brides This Wedding Season!

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Date: 2nd-Jul-2019

Nose ring, Nath or Nathori is an extremely popular accessory amongst Indians. Nath finds its roots steeped in Indian tradition and has a variety of designs, a speciality for every region of India. It finds its origin in the 9th or 10th century and was originally a symbol of marital status for women. It also was a show of wealth at times, based on how precious the gems or the stones on the nath/ nose ring were. Maharashtrian women are seen often flaunting big Nathoris, with special ones for festivals and occasions! Bengali women most often wear septum piercings as a sign of marriage. These look absolutely stunning and now it is an accessory adopted by Indians of other regions as well.


Photography by Vipin

We love this beautiful Nath with Kemp embellishments and pearl droppings.


Photography sourced from Pinterest/Instagram

Here is a gorgeous Kundan Nose ring with pearl drops. For added aesthetics, this one has an attached chain that connects to your ears! You're bound to be the belle of the ball with this one!


Photography by Harishankar

We love the different variations of the Nath. This one is an AD stone Nath, that truly stands out!


Photography sourced from Pinterest/Instagram

This lovely nath has a string of pearls connecting the Nath to the ears! We love how elegant it looks on this stunner. 


Photography sourced from Pinterest/Instagram

This Nath is a combination of pearls and stones and we also love the multi-layered intricate ear chain!


Photography sourced from Pinterest/Instagram

This is also a beautifully embellished pearl Nath with a bigger diameter than usual, spelling grandeur like no other!


Photography by NM click

We love this beautiful Nath with Kemp embellishments and pearl droppings with a simple ear chain!


Photography sourced from Pinterest/Instagram

We love this AD stonework on this classic nose ring with a three-layered nose chain!


Photography sourced from Pinterest/Instagram

This beautiful nose ring with an antique gold finish is the stuff of dreams for a temple-jewellery hoarder! The red gem drop is just the icing on the cake! 


Photography sourced from Pinterest/Instagram

This delicate Nath with a single strand pearl ear chain is exactly what you need to get for the upcoming wedding!

Photography Sunny Dhinam

This single chain Nath is absolutely gorgeous, perfectly in sync with the rest of this bride's stonework jewellery. 

Today, these accessories have been interpreted with contemporary and modern styles of design and are a fashion statement! If you are someone who does not want to undergo the pain of having your nose pierced but still want to adorn these beautiful pieces of jewellery, then there are options available for you too! You can get clip-on nose rings which look just as gorgeous. Listed below are some of the most beautiful Naths or nose rings that we have come across! Though this is a fashion trend partly borrowed from the North, South Indian women have carried this gorgeous accessory off with such ease and panache! 

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