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Date: 27th-Feb-2019

Sarees have been every bride’s go-to outfit for their weddings. A well-fitted, embellished blouse can make or break your entire wedding ensemble. The latest obsession is the intricate kemp-kundan ornamental work on blouses. Here are a few extraordinary blouses designed by DiDi Designer Studio that can inspire you!

Traditional Necklace Work-

Regardless of time, brides always have a special love for temple jewellery. Nothing to beat the grandeur of an embellished necklace on your sleeve, studded with the traditional maroon, green semi-precious stones and pearls. This will definitely reflect the light of the starry-eyed bride!


Chandbali Motifs

Chandbali earring designs are the most loved designs on blouses these days. The Mughal era inspired designs and intricate work on the cascading layers make them any bride’s first choice. This look can be used on sleeves or as motifs all over the blouse. They look good on saree blouses and lehengas too.

Vanki Designs on Sleeves

The vanki design can add an old world charm to your wedding look. It brings the entire ensemble together while worn with traditional kanjeevarams. The elegant s-shaped vanki pattern gives an illusion of slim arms while the belt vanki pattern can be used to add volume.


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