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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

How far will you go with customizing your bridal blouse? When Savitha Devaraj Reddy wanted to get a designer blouse for her friend's wedding, she went to designer Sandhya Kiran Reddy. All she wanted was to look great and stand out of the crowd. Designer Sandhya went out of her way to create a portrait of the couple. What she did next will blow our mind! She imprinted the painting on a fabric and created a blouse out of it! What better way to show your love? For more excluvise blouses worn by our beautiful bride Savitha Devraj Reddy click here - http://www.shopzters.com/blogs/bridal-fashions-trends-and-ideas/a-unique-and-fresh-take-on-designer-blouses

And you can read about her beautiful wedding story here - http://www.shopzters.com/real-weddings/from-love-for-cars-to-falling-in-love-with-each-other




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