Yet Another Padmavati Look Alike That's Gonna Make You Fall In Love

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Date: 24th-Jan-2018


The movie Padmavati has been doing quite few rounds even without officially being launched in the industry. The way Deepika Padukone has carried herself has made all of us highly inspirational and here is a team of talented young minds who came together in making this photo shoot a rather classy one. Right from the uni-brow, the antique set of jewelry with the same kind of chandbalis, the flawless on-point makeup, the outfit, everything resembles a typical Deepika off-screens.  

Much thanks to the team in making this wonder possible.

Model - Ramya Pandian

Makeup Artist - Bronzer Bridal Makeup Artist

Photographer - Jeevan wedding arts

Outfit Designer - Label by Swarupa Sathakarni


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