A Colourful Pre-wedding Amidst A Vibrant Village Set Up!

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Date: 9th-Sep-2017

A pre-wedding with a generous rendition of culture and couture. An arena that feels and looks like a very vibrant village full of people with beautiful hearts, minds and souls. With the couple Ayushi and Abhinav being bestowed by elders with flowers, a musical tribute and a huge amount of love from all sides, royally, the entry they make looks very much like the arrival of a king and a queen. The makeup and the look this wedding brigade hosts is pretty much giving us a very strong impression of that of an antique kingdom full of people having a very minute taste of art and culture. The jewellery, not to forget mentioning cries out loud of the antiquity this theme does not cease to offer. With Vasundhara Diamond Roof's ceaseless work towards making the set up look so vividly like a village, this pre-wedding is sure going to be added to most of our to-do lists.










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