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Date: 19th-Jan-2018

Actresses have always made it a point to give appearances in their most pristine and beautiful forms off the screens as well. Actress Athulya Ravi is no different from that. After seeing her on the screens as a very beautiful, calm and subtle girl, it has been a wonderful sight to see the very same of her behind the scenes too. She has joyously worn some of the most trendy yet chic attires from Pootthaiyal and has posed for the camera so effortlessly. The outfits vary from sarees, gowns, skirt and top and salwars. 

Have a look for yourselves and fall in love with her personality like how we did!

1. Seems like the Kalamkari nudge hasn't left Athulya Ravi as well. A maroon and blue ankle length kurti is our heart-throb now.

2. A black top with lace-y sleeves and a floral long skirt is a wise choice for a friendly gathering.

3. A maroon salwar with mirror works and a crushed dupatta is this season's favourite.

4. A floral dress with a unique neck cut can be used for all your pre-wed photoshoots, might we suggest?

5. A dark saree paired with a lighter blouse is always a favourite, right?

6. A Kalamkari again. This time, has taken up the form of a salwar with a contrast dupatta.

7. Florescent shades have always been a complimenting colour when paired with whites.

8. A dual shaded saree to finish off in style, she looks absolutely stunning in this.


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