All The Details You Missed From The #Nickyanka Wedding!

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Date: 8th-Jan-2019

Everything seems to be complete when one experiences a happy ending, but in their case, it was a happy beginning that did the magic. Yes, we are talking about none other than the #Nickyanka wedding that was a global sensation!

All of us, across the world had our eyes glued to every form of social media through those three days for updates! It was a holy union of the Hollywood and Bollywood fraternity and one cannot miss something of this magnitude for sure!

Nickyanka’s wedding was filled with numerous beautiful moments and we can truly see the sparks flying between the two lovebirds!

One element that truly took our breath away was PC’s customized wedding gown by Ralph Lauren. Starting from their wedding date December 1 and eight other significant words for PC like family, hope, compassion  embroidered on her Ralph Lauren gown, the embroidery of “ My Jaan “ in Ralph Lauren Nick’s Tuxedo, a guitar representing Nick on PC’S Mehendi,  the custom-made Kaliras that involved cross and trishul to honor both religions along with symbol from Greece where Nick proposed marriage to PC and engraved silhouettes of Mr. Chip Potts (the couple's favourite character from Beauty and the beast) the list just keeps going on and on. This shows PC’s wedding was not just a trendsetter but also a wedding that was very close to the heart of the couple. We know it has been too long now since the wedding but here we present to you a few more unseen captures from the wedding and beautiful detailing that was left unnoticed. 


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