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Date: 27th-Apr-2019

There is enough pressure capturing the photos at any Indian wedding, where the crowds are in large numbers and the weddings are jam-packed with rituals and traditional ceremonies. The pressure increases exponentially when the wedding of a celebrity is to be captured, as they will be used on every possible platform on social media. So, the photography team is expected to be highly skilled. They should also have a knack of clicking picture without disturbing the rituals and the people involved in the wedding.

@creative-wedding-photography are pioneers in wedding photography and have covered a lot of celebrity weddings. Their highly skilled and their trained photographers have an eye for capturing candid clicks and traditional photography with ease. Their approach is not just sticking to traditional photography but to innovate in creative photo shoots, candid photography and studio shoots.

Here are a few pictures captured by them on the celebrity wedding of Parthiban and actress Seetha’s daughter Abinaya’s wedding. They have beautifully frozen the memories of their big day in photos where the celebrities are caught candidly having a laugh and wishing the happy couple and showering their blessings. Their photographers have captured moments that are otherwise unseen like small gestures, unseen emotions and expressions of family and friends.


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