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Date: 1st-Feb-2020

Sneha and Prasanna, the made-for-each-other couple of kollywood are very popular and loved by movie buffs. The couple are trend setters who are widely admired and looked upon in South India. Their wedding set a bench mark for all marriages. It was a grand event that was extensively followed by fans on television and internet.

Sneha and Prasanna celebrated their 2nd child with an elegant baby shower held at their beautiful home on December 15th, 2019. Though Shopzters has been previously associated with the couple and their family, it was a dream come true for us at “ The Event Tale ” to plan their intimate ceremony.

The elegant affair happened at their home and had a white and red floral theme. The Foyer was decorated with a 5-foot flower chandelier, which looked alluring and ornate as it danced in the sea breeze. The backdrop for the event was a screen of white flowers that were embellished with red roses, lotuses and parrots made out of leaves.

 In spite of being the most sought after people in cinema, the couple were down-to-earth and a pleasure to work with. Here are a few pictures from their baby shower.

 It has also been great pleasure associating with Mystic Studios yet another time, just as always their photographs have been an absolute visual treat.


The Front entrance

Their front entrance was decorated with traditional banana thoranams and a flower arch which had strands of red roses and white sevvandhi flowers inter-looping each other. The entrance décor was minimal and classy.


Stage backdrop

The stage where the ceremony took place was gracefully decorated with screen of white flower curtains (semmangi korvai flowers) that were bedecked with lotuses, red roses and traditional parrots made out of leaves.


Floral arch way

A beautiful floral archway was setup in the entrance of their home adorned by white sevvandhi and semmangi flowers tipped with rose clusters and lotus buds. The floral strands at the side stood out as it was uniquely decorated with pineapple fruits and flowers.


Flower chandelier

The foyer had a 5-foot floral chandelier that enhanced the face of the entrance. The chandelier was made of white floral strands of semmangi korvai cascading in two levels decked with strands, red roses, lotus buds and parrots. The floral chandelier gracefully danced in the wind and looked nothing less than enchanting.

A smaller floral chandelier made of white floral strands and rose bunches decorated the stylish roof lights of their home.


Welcome board

A simple but stylish canvas, bordered with floral patterns and a cute doodle of the mom-to-be invited the guests into their welcoming home.



In the pathway, a traditional urili filled with fully bloomed pink lotuses on a floral rangoli underneath the chandelier welcomed the guests into the foyer.

A simple red backdrop with crossed golden beams decked with white and red flowers provided the partition into the dining area.


Our gorgeous star of the ceremony, Sneha looked absolutely ravishing as a beautiful mom-to-be. Stay tuned for more updates and details of this super elegant baby shower!

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