Erumai Saani Harija's Tale of Love!

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Date: 4th-Dec-2018

It is said that love is that condition in which the happiness of the other person is essential to your own. Featuring such a new born love is that of the Erumai Saani fame Harija and her husband Mr. Amar Ramesh in a very unique shoot. This shoot is truly a mix of all, starting with the flavour of the retro period, the feel of rich 21st century love, the essence of beautiful intimacy and an overload of chemistry! Captured in every frame taken by The Photo Today, it definitely has the right vibe and hits all the right notes. Being a very beautiful young woman herself, Harija looks dashing in every single shot and her husband Mr. Amar looks just perfect creating a typical heroic feel. What more do we need? It’s just pure magic!




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