G.V. Prakash and Saindhavi introduce their little princess on social media !

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Date: 13th-Sep-2020

Actor, composer G.V. Prakash and his singer wife Saindhavi introduce their little angle to their fans on social media. The celebrity couple welcomed their first child in April 2020. They recently took social media by storm, posting adorable pictures of their little one, Anvi . Here are the loveable pictures of the couple and their little bundle of joy!

The picture is so heart-warming and is sure to put a smile on anyone who sees it. Anvi looks precious, bundled up in lace swaddle.


The proud mom and dad are ready to dote on their new arrival! We love how the picture is styled minimally with class and elegance by Amrita of Mommy shots.


Anvi already has her dad wrapped around her little finger. The little princess is indeed the apple of his eye!


Silhouettes always have a powerful effect. Here, it dramatically shows the parents love for their little one!


Awww… Who wouldn’t want to cuddle this little angel and pinch her chubby cheeks??


Anvi looks like a little angel who is delivered directly from heaven. We can’t get over her cuteness!!


We can’t wait to see what Anvi has in store for all of us! She is sure to be a super girl who is a powerhouse of talent that she inherited from her mama and papa.


Anvi looks like a cherub who rules all of her enchanted kingdom with love. Her smirk is a piece of sunshine that can brighten up anyone’s day.


Shopzters wishes all the best things in life for Anvi and “Happy parenting” to GV Prakash and Saindhavi!

Credits: Mommy shots by Amrita





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