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Date: 28th-Aug-2018

The real measure of our lives may ultimately be in the small choices we make in each and every moment.  In that note the former Miss World bollywood star Priyanka Chopra made her choice. The refined actress is now engaged to an American singer/actor Nick Jonas, who she had been dating since a very long time .After all that rumors from the past weeks, the couple officially announced their togetherness this Saturday. The star couple got engaged in the India traditional way called the “roka “ceremony in Prinyanka’s residence, Mumbai, where both of them rocked in Indian attire. Priyanka wore a simple yet gorgeous yellow Indian suit and her fiancé Nick wore an Indian Kurtha. They had a day time ceremony in a very traditional fashion with all of their family members about. The couple also released identical pictures of the ceremony in their social accounts. Both of them looked stunning next to each other that seemed they were destined for life.  Hold on y’all, the celebration was not over there. The couple had a typical Saturday night after party with their friends and family closed ones around. Film fraternities like Alia Bhatt, cousin Parineeti Chopra and the Ambanis also had their attendance.

No celebration is complete without a gorgeous cake. The couple had an engagement cake by pastry chef Vahista Zandbaf of Tier Nom Patisserie, weighing 15 kg with 24k gold leaves, gorgeous pink cymbidium orchids, hydrangeas and berries on it. It truly was a show stopper.

You never know where life takes you until you experience the moment .This couples moment happened so beautifully through which we can say this is gonna be one rocking love story until the happy ending . Cheers to the happy couple and their life together.


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