PeeCee and Her Girl Squad Take Over Amsterdam!

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Date: 22nd-Nov-2018

Priyanka Chopra, a diva who lives her life queen size has taken her bachelorette celebration to the ultimate level. Being an actress who works hard and parties even harder, she never failed to reflect her extravagant lifestyle in every phase of her bride-to-be-times. After her super luxurious bridal shower, the bride planned a bachelorette with her girls to Amsterdam. Priyanka’s Bachelorette squad comprised of her cousin Parineeti Chopra , Isha Ambani, Sophie Turner (sister-in-law), Natasha Pal (work associate), Chanchal D’Souza , Dana Supnick – Guidoni , Tamanna Dutt and Srishti Bahl Arya.

Reliable sources tell us that the trip started with lunch on a canal cruise. In the first set of pictures, Priyanka wore a sweater-dress with feather details and in the other, she opted for a checked skirt with a bright mustard-red sweater and a “bride-to-be” sash. With her girls coordinating their fashion and having the best times of their life both bride and her squad lived the high life.

Stay tuned for the big day coming soon!






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