Sameera Reddy Looking Hotter Than Ever In Her Stunning Underwater Maternity Shoot!

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Date: 19th-Jul-2019

We are very happy to share the good news that the actress Sameera Reddy has given birth to a baby girl! On that note let’s look into the unique underwater maternity shoot she posted online which gained lots of praise from her friends and followers!

Sameera stood out, flaunting her 9-month baby bump in the azure waters wearing a neon green bikini. The photos look surreal and magical. She oozed confidence and spread body positivity message to all the mom’s to be.

The other outfit Sameera chose for her maternity shoot was a hot pink bikini. She effortlessly pulled off the pink bikini giving major goals to all the moms-to-be. She looks effortless and magical as she balances and floats in water.

The black and white photos of Sameera look ethereal and other-worldly. The perfect lighting and the ripples on the surface make her look like a mermaid flaunting her baby bump!

Credits for shoot:

Photography - Luminousdeep

Mua - Kohlnrouge

Styled by - Viihal , Nidhimunim

Venue -  Jwmariottjuhu


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