Shoot Outfit Ideas For Brides From Nayanthara From The Famous Velaikkaran Song

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Date: 11th-Jan-2018

Are you also one of those people who can’t stop falling head over heels in love with Nayathara and her way her carrying herself in such elegance bringing us all to an awe-inspiring state. Well, you’re not alone. We at Shopzters thought that it would be a pleasure in helping and hinting out those brides-to-be who are hunting for appropriate simple, stylish and sexy outfits for your outdoor shoot. Designed by Neeraja Kona, these outfits are goals and take you on a dream tour when worn, we tell you!

1.The black dress – This one’s for all the goth chicks out there who love and adore the colour black.

2.Ravishing red – For the fierce and brave kind of woman that you’re, we think that this dress would bring out the fierce side of you.

3.Mallow yellow – This shade is bright and would suit you well if you’re looking for something subtle and bright tailored together.

4.The white beauty – This one is a timeless beauty. Choose backgrounds that are much brighter to experience the perfection. 


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