This South Indian Bridal Look Of Nayanthara Is Giving Us Major #Bridal Goals!

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Date: 4th-Nov-2019

Nayanthara, the lady superstar has been reigning queen of south Indian cinema for more than two decades. She is famous for her simple and elegant looks and of course, her bold female centric roles.  We and her ardent fans can’t wait to look at her in a bridal avatar. Here are pictures from the movie Love Action Drama clicked by Tuesday lights giving us something to gush about until her real wedding.



Nayanthara is a bridal inspiration looking gorgeous and elegant with a classy, simple red sari. She is sure to set a trend with red sari and gold jewellery look.



We can’t take our eyes off of her, but the jewellery sure does make a statement.  We love how the look has been styled with a thematic jewellery concept. Paisley mangos being the theme is seen in her long, medium and short necklaces. Her bangles, hair accessories and jumkha all stay consistent with design along with the pendants of her necklaces and armlet. We love the kemp and precious stone pendants that match with her entire theme.



We love her clear, minimal and dewy look. Brides need to make a note of her mild lip colour and minimal blush and eye shadow as, brides nowadays tend to over do makeup in these areas. 



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