The Celebrity Wedding of Keerthana Parthiban & Akshay Akkineni

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Date: 5th-Apr-2018

It is always a pleasure to meet all the celebrities in real life apart from looking at them on the silver screens. And when one among those stars gets married, the joy is ten-folds. Keerthana Parthiban, the most adorable little star who made us all cry through her brilliant performance in Kannathil Muthamittal is officially into her wed-lock. These pictures are proof that she has grown to be such a graceful, beautiful and elegant young woman woman. Keerthana has been dolled up by Samantha Jagan from WINK Unisex Salon and she sure does look like a goddess in those silk threads and antique jewelry. Creative wedding photography takes credits in bringing about such glory in front of our eyes. For the pictures of the celebrities who attended the wedding, CLICK HERE.




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