The One And Only Nayanthara And Her Love For Khadhi And Linens!

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Date: 18th-Dec-2018

Elegant is her middle name! Our very own Lady Superstar, Nayanthara! The stunner who turns prettier and younger with every passing day. She is truly a goddess, never failing to steal our hearts at the very first look, be it off-screen or on-screen. The star is mostly spotted in linen sarees be it red carpet or a casual occasion.

Speaking of Khadhi and linens, they are one of the finest fabrics that have amazing properties such as keeping us cool physically and calm mentally. These fabrics provide great comfort and feel very light, making sarees much easier to handle. Most importantly the drapes she wears are extremely skin and eco- friendly. Here’s a glimpse into the best Khadhi and Linen wear the star sported that are sure to make you want to own them all! 





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