Shopzters 4th Anniversary Contest 6 - A Dreamy Love Shoot With The One & Only Vijay Eesam


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As we celebrate our 4th anniversary with a lot of contests, today, we are taking them to the next level! Yes.. Here's a big news for all you young couples out there!! A contest we all have been waiting for! 

A dream photo shoot with the one and only VIJAY EESAM - Vijay Eesam Photography 


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-> Vijay Eesam is a seeker of sheer love, innocence and beauty people possess inside. So tell us how you both met each and fell in love in the comment box below, along with your wedding date (You can mention your engagement date if wedding date is not fixed yet) and a lovely photo of you two!! Alternatively, you could mail us at or inbox us all the required details on FB. ( Note: The comments on the blog will only be considered and the comments on the FB page will not be considered. )

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The contest is for To-Be-Weds only. Contest ends on April 23rd at 12 pm. Hurry up! What are you lovely couples waiting for?

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mallampaty navya

We have met at a jewellery shop and has been falling in love each and every second from then.. Though our's is a Arrange Marriage we don't feel so.... Naveen And Navya together as a couple are enjoying the tales we had before marriage about the partners... it's hard to believe that we are married a while(1 year 10 months) ago.. But we still feel that we are young and newly wedded couple.... This beautiful couple are married on June 6th 2015...

16 Apr 2017


Hi, I'm Nandhini working in Bangalore. I met Srikanth 3 years ago in my office. :) We had few common friends and got introduced to each other. We all spend time together in the cafetaria and post lunch we used to play table soccer. It was not a love at first sight, gradually we became friends and after couple of dates we knew we liked each other. He is from Vijayawada,Andhra and I'm from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. We had to convince our parents for more than a year and finally we are getting married on May 10 th in Tirumala :).

16 Apr 2017

Reshma Singh

Helloooooo shopzters ?? This is Reshma here and my fiancé name is Sandeep We both met 8 n half years back during our eleventh standard. It was mutual call between both of us and we fell in love ???? We went through a lot of ups n downs since our parents realised it at the very initial stages that's in a month. Though our parents is a cross cultural marriage mom being a reddy and dad being a rajput they were against it considering it to be infactuation since we were very young. Time passed by and both our families agreed and happily getting hitched on May 14, 2017

16 Apr 2017


Journey of Schoolmates to Solemate Gowtham and I are from same high school. He is used to be the coolest guy back then. I'm sure so many girls had an eye on him and so did I. We never got chance to get to know each other. After like 5 years seen him in fb and I was like I know this guy and we became friends very quickly. Maybe it's because we used to think alike. Within few weeks I got my visa to study in New Zealand ????????. When told him that I will be leaving soon he sounded unhappy then hung up my phone and I got " I love you, please stay " . I was shocked and not in a situation take a decision. I thought he wil eventually forget me after moving abroad and I totally didn't believe in long distance relationship. So I replied this long distance relationship would not work. Still we couldn't stop talking to him and I fell in love when he came all the way to New Zealand just for me . I believe that is the most romantic thing someone could ever do. So we are happily engaged and we are getting married on June 8th.

16 Apr 2017

Anusha Arumugam

We met on play ground for sports held by our health studio.Ramesh as cricket team captain and myself went for tennikot .That day he won the match series and whole team became friends to me.Anniversary celebration followed by sports Events and again we both participated in many events as common . Mutual interest and team made us best friends.Still those days are as fresh as flowers in mind and now we are married for 7 months.

16 Apr 2017


Hai this is tharu here and this is what my aashikh calls me with love... we both met on 27th of march 2017 a hot sunny day, with our parents. Yes! Its an arranged marriage and we both liked each other and so they finally planned to proceed further but gues what...we got engaged on the same day evening unplanned! But it was a grand success. But, we found our day of love on april 8, 2017 where he proposd me dancing on the roads of yercaud (a pleasant hill station at tamilnadu) all of a was a greater surprise for me. He giftd me a personalizd pillow of heart shape and a beautiful ring knelt down...aww it was too cute nd sweet of him. We both till now continue to love each other and will love forever !!! Then we had byk rides, shoppng etc... nd i mis him a lot now... :-( our marriage is being fixd on august 20,2017 and we are awaiting for that wonderful moment wher he ties knot nd make me his girl forever nd ever... and thank you shopzters for providing dis opportunity in corect tym and it means a lot to us !!! Loads of love from tharu and aashikh <3

16 Apr 2017


Hi. Myself Suganya & my husbands name is Rathan. It all started on that day. I went to Mani’s Higher secondary school for attending the inter school competition with my school mates. After my competition was over, all the students who came there for attending the competition from my school, sat together and we were chatting. Suddenly a group of boys came near us (Rathan was also one among the group), all the senior students who were seating near me stood up and they were talking with that group of boys. I was shocked seeing all of them standing in front of that group of boys, who were also of the same age group. Once that group left, I asked why they stood up in front of those guys and who they were …? They replied, “they are our schoolmates only, commerce departments, they are like gethu…. in our batch”. I was wondering like I have never seen these guys in school ….. After few days, it was our school annual day celebration. All the 11th standard students were asked to stand as volunteers and help other students to go by walk from our school to Gujarati Samaj (which was nearby only) to attend the function. I and my friends were teasing the boys standing over there as volunteers and were just going…… We saw Rathan standing there as a volunteer as well. At that point of time, we discussed a lot among ourselves and had a bet, like whoever boldly goes and asks that boys name will be given treat by other members. But all were scared; I said “ok let me try…” I went near his and ask “Excuse me…. neengadha Rathan aaa…” he was like “ aammaaa…. adhuku enna eppo…..” in a loud tone. I got scared and just said “onnum ella…” and I ran off. From that day on wards whenever Rathan crosses my class room all my friends will start shouting “Rathin…. Ethane….. Methane……” and all, as his name was different and similar to chemicals name ethane and methane. So, it went on like this. It was a sunny day evening; I and my friends were going back home from school all the way walking. Suddenly a RX100 bike crossed us and stood just in front of us. We were shocked. It was none other than Rathan. I and two of my friends were there. We were able to understand that he has come to propose any one of us, but we were not sure whom he came to propose. Rathan came along with one of his friend. He got down from the bike and came near me and asked in the same way how I spoke to him initially, “Excuse me…. neengadha Suganya vaaa…” i was like “aammaaa…. adhuku enna eppo…..” (Same way how he told) he was like “onnum ella…” and he just left abruptly. Then myself and my friends started walking, in another 100 meters he stood near a petrol bunk and just asked me “un phone number kudu…”, one of my friend shouted as “ah 100 ku koopudu… un mama varuvaru…” and we three started running. In another 100 meters he was waiting for me… when I was about to cross him, he tore the centre page from his book, wrote his phone number and gave it to me and said, “endha number ku kupudu…. naa unkita paesanum….” me and my friends got scared and so my friend got his number and just said, “anna avala kupuda solrom…” and we left from there. I dint call him that evening. He came again the next day evening and asked “why you dint call”, I just said “why should I call…” he just left from there. Then I dint call him that day evening as well. And the next day he saw me face to face directly in school, but he dint speak even a word and just went away. I felt really bad…. and so that day evening I just called him from my landline, suddenly I got nervous and cut the call. He called me again seeing my missed call and asked, “Who is this…..” I said “it’s me Suganya…” he was like “aiyooo yooo.. 2mins balance vera ella….. 2 minutes lam kupadran, recharge pannitu….” and he cut the call. After 5 minutes he called me and we started talking. I asked him” for what did you ask me to call….” he just said “onnum ella naa unna love pandran nee enna love pandraya….” I was like “ enna….”, he said “onnum ella naa unna love pandran nee enna love pandraya….” I just asked, “yes sonna enna pannuvinga” he just said “enna love pannuvan…”, “appo no sonna”, he said “enna appidiya poiduvan, vera enna….” Then I was like “ok appo ponga….” then he said why…. I said “enaku ungala yaarunae theriyadhu…. apparam aeppidi….” he just said ok appo ennimal therinjukalam…..” and he cut the call….. After that it was like 100’s of calls, non-stop talking, chatting, texting….. and all that. All this happened during my 10th standard i.e. 2008. There it all started. I accepted his love the very next day of my birthday May 20th, 2008 and now its 2016 nearly 8 years of love and happiness….. And finally we got married on the 10th of April, 2017.

16 Apr 2017

Shilpa Ramky

Hi, I am so happy and proud to take this opportunity to narrate my love story in a social blog. Whenever anyone asks me how I got into a relationship I used to always complete it as a trailer. Just as short as I can say since I am very shy in talking about it. My now I have got a chance to write my story which makes me really excited. Naveen is my fiance and I met him 6 and half years ago. I was a fresher and he was my immediate senior at college. During the second week of college I was in the canteen for lunch with my two other friends and there was this guy in a lab uniform bringing in different people and telling them something by pointing at me. At first I ignored it and later another day just at the entrance of my department he came and introduced himself and honestly I was so nervous to shake hands with him (he always told me that my hands were shivering and he was so impressed by that) and I didn't hear a word he said, yes I was totally blank. I have no clue what made me feel so. From the next day whenever I see anyone in lab uniform I used to think it is Naveen and try to hide myself. There came a day where I broke out of my shell, it was during the department symposium that I met him again with his friend. He came spoke a me but this time I was all blushing. I clearly remember him asking me to keep a bindi and I was like "Why should I listen to you?" But yes, the next day I came to college with a bindi. That afternoon one of girlfriends introduced me to another guy. He was so possessive that he immediately called me next to him. I loved that secure feeling he gave me The same day evening we had a long conversation near the canteen. He told me his entire 17 years of life (his crushes, food he likes, his negatives, positives). I was super impressed and I too shared stuff about myself and we exchanged numbers and spoke 6 hours for two nights. Then at 2am on 5th September he told me "I want to lead my next 40 years of life with you" and I was so happy and took a min and then told him "We seem to fit into each others book well so yes I also want to share my next 40 years of life with you". From that day we have stayed strong though we did come across all the hardships. There were times he stood strong in our relationship and vice versa. Now both of us are in New Zealand with good jobs and awaiting excitedly for our engagement on 27th August 2017

18 Apr 2017

Jayashree Davalur

Hie.. Am in love with sre.. actually it's an arranged marriage getting married on June 30th 2017. We are traditional Telugu family. Attained a perfect marriage age am 23 and he 27 (12/12) (Star birthday) ???? . Started searching in matrimony . Get to know each other through matrimony and finally planned for a pellichupulu .....???? On Feb 17.. He was in Dubai .. came India on Feb 17th morning for pellichupulu.. flight was late.. actually the program planned at 9.30 (bz at 10.30 bad time starts????) so it's totally funny everyone watching the time he entered home correctly at 10.28????????.. all formalities started.. 1st met eye to eye contact .. I smiled.. then they sent us seperately to talk . We shared each other feelings finally we were in ???? Then all okies.. got engaged on April 5th.. now he is in dubai. Am in Chennai.. daily Skype calls Whtsap..... missing each other deeply.. actually the names of us also some unique Jayashree weds Srevarshan ( Sre ???? Shree ) ..

19 Apr 2017

Madan Mohan

It was typical arrange marriage meeting with both the families, but after we both met and spoke to each other we really started to click and comíng from two completely different background we found a common liking on few things which was movies and food ???? . We really miss each other as i am living in Bahrain and she is in Chennai .we can't wait to get married to each other and start our lives together and would love to have Vijay essam take love shots of us which will last forever in our lives. Wedding Date : 31st August in Pondicherry

23 Apr 2017
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