We Kid Not! Time To Take Home A Beautiful And Pure Kanjivaram Silk Saree!


Date: 11th-Nov-2017

To all those lovely young ladies out there, who fancy the six yards of magnificence more than anything in the world. Sarees have always been our favourite choice, no matter what and our hearts know that well. To portray that beauty in you, we at Shopzters are here to host a contest that might win you a pure, the super trending animal motive Kanjivaram silk saree worth INR 11,740 specially from one of our pristine collections at Ananthra by Shopzters.

The rules are very simple. All you have to do is,

1.Like our facebook page “Ananthra by Shopzters” - https://www.facebook.com/ananthrabyshopzters/

2.Visit our online store - https://shop.shopzters.com/collections/ananthra . Choose ur favourite saree from Ananthra's collections and post it in our comment section or on our fb comment box and tell us why u like it.

3.Get your friends and family to be a part of “Ananthra by Shopzters”.

4.One random winner will be chosen who inturn will walk home with one of our beautiful collection of sarees worth INR 11,740. 

What are you waiting for? Start commenting ALREADY!

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Hi Shopzters..This is Varsha from Salem..I ve been following Shopzters for a while now and u have started ur own online service which is fantastic ???? I'm choosing the same saree that has been posted. Strangely this is one of the 3 sarees that I love and is in my save list for my engagement purchase..Haha and ya I'm excited! Animal motif has set it's trend now and who wouldn't love a unicorn? Pink and dark blue is again a treat for the eyes..I would love to have this as my engagement saree..And my groom would wear a blue shirt..Won't we make a good pair? Haha!!????????????

11 Nov 2017


This sleek Dark Blue saree with mixed perfect colour combinaton of borders makes getting ready for an occasion so much easier! It's different design and unique colours hint towards the elegance and sophistication,while also keeps modern and flirty.Plus with showy motifs decorating the entire piece,it will instantly become a classic and unique to every women's wardrobe collection.Really loving it, please add more wonderful collections like this.. Thanks!

12 Nov 2017


Hi shopzters, you are my favourite destination for all wedding queries. Among Ananthras collection this brinjal blue with green saree is my favourite. The reasons. 1. it's color which is so unique. This stands out among usual colors like red, green,yellow etc., This can grab the attention. Obviously everyone seeks attention in a group. This saree can be the best choice. 2.Border. border tells you the richness and royalty. 3. Green in combination, in which the intensity of the color is mild so that the blue can dominate. 4. Motif. Who don't love motifs in saree. Like the color the motifs also has its own style. Birds. Totally this a saree with unusual color and motifs in a positive way. According to me the cloths we wear may tell us who we are inside. And this saree is one.

15 Nov 2017

Meenakshi Kapur

i am a north Indian and live in New Delhi and I always adore beautiful saris of your collection and i saw elegant mesmerizing collection of bridal wear saris and wish to adorn one such beautiful mesmerizing sari one day on my wedding day ....... I am in love with Red Pure Kanchipuram Silk Saree With Floral Prints as I have never ever seen such beautiful six yards of silk made with such a splendid floral print that catches our eye sight and we just keep on admiring this beauty and wish to see how it would look on me and its just so beautiful that am out of words how i feel seeing this sari https://shop.shopzters.com/collections/ananthra/products/red-pure-kanchipuram-silk-saree-with-floral-prints

29 Nov 2017
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