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A Royal Elegance - Bride Nivetha And Her Engagement!

12th Mar 2020

The made for each other couple, Nivetha and Rahul recently decided to live their dreams by getting e......

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This Bride's 3 Looks Are Absolutely Gorgeous!

9th Oct 2019

Bridal looks are constantly evolving with new fashion trends coming in every second of the day. Brig......

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4 Beautiful Looks From The Wedding of This Pretty Lass!

20th Sep 2019

We have always loved when makeup merely accentuates the features of the muse and doesn’t alter......

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3 Statement Makeup Looks For A Wedding? Check This Out!

26th Aug 2019

With our weddings getting bigger, more extravagant and grander by the day, makeup to complement the ......

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This Doe-Eyed Beauty Is The Epitome of Elegance!

16th Aug 2019

When it comes to weddings, every bride wants to look the best and in that pursuit ends up either ove......

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5 Stunning Looks of This Beautiful Bride for Her Wedding!

16th Aug 2019

Given the plethora of options and variety in colours, fabrics, silhouettes, brides try to really up ......

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Three Stunning Looks Of This Experimental Bride!

20th Jun 2019

Brides are often afraid to experiment on their big day and usually settle for tried and tested outfi......

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4 Beautiful Looks That Every Experimental Bride Should Check Out!

29th May 2019

Makeup is such a confidence booster when applied right. Be it everyday makeup routine or a special d......

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Lifesaving Skincare Tips You Need For Your Big Day! - Part3

29th May 2019

Basic Skin Care Routine It's the season of weddings, the one time that every bride will defin......

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All The Right Lifestyle Tips You Need To Prep For Your Big Day! - Part 3

29th May 2019

How to Prepare for your Big Day The countdown to your big day is near and it can be quite a nerve......

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Lifesaving Skincare Tips You Need For Your Big Day- Part 2!

21st May 2019

Food to Avoid - Skincare With your Big Day around the corner, are you stressed out? Are you worri......

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All The Right Lifestyle Tips You Need To Prep For Your Big Day- Part 2!

21st May 2019

Fitness Mistakes to Avoid – Fitness The human body works in different ways. In our journey......

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A Beautiful Sri-Lankan Bride Who Looked Absolutely Stunning On Her Big Day!

10th May 2019

Every bride wants to look her best on her big day. A regular makeup routine does not serve the purpo......

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Three Beautiful Wedding Looks That You'll Absolutely Love!

3rd May 2019

There must be a billion things that could stress you on your big day- but makeup shouldn’t be ......

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Makeovers To Resemble Your Favourite Film Star!

24th Apr 2019

Everyone looks up to Film stars and admire the way they dress, wear makeup and carry themselves with......

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All The Right Lifestyle Tips You Need To Prep For Your Big Day- Part 1

17th Apr 2019

Fitness Tips – Fitness Have you been dreaming of a wedding since childhood? Do you want eve......

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Lifesaving Skincare Tips You Need For Your Big Day- Part 1

17th Apr 2019

Food to Eat - Skincare It’s surprising how a little change in your diet can work miracles o......

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Bringing Out The Inner Glow of The Diva In You!

2nd Apr 2019

Nailing the perfect bridal makeup look isn't easy, from glowing complexions to subtle smoky eyes......

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10 Hair and Makeup Looks You Need To Check Out Before Your Wedding!

27th Mar 2019

Makeup and hairdo is the most essential part of your grooming process. A good hairstyle can elevate ......

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Inspirational Makeup Styles For Your D-Day!

12th Feb 2019

Your big day is closing in; now that the wedding decor, food and fashion is all in place, the next a......

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Makeup Goals for The Bold and The Beautiful

12th Oct 2018

For Steffhy Antony, creating visually appealing beauty headshots is just another day at work. Her ke......

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A Romantic Couple & Their Most Gorgeous Avatar

24th Jul 2018

Makeup is no less than art and only a true artist knows, how to paint the blank canvas of a beautifu......

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Hair Updo's To Flaunt This Wedding Season

29th May 2018

How long are the brides still gonna stick with the very old, monotonous jadas and traditional braids......

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10 Unique Braided Hairstyle Ideas You Really Need To Try On

29th May 2018

How long are we still gonna stick with the very old, monotonous jadas and traditional braids? N......

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A Gorgeous Tale Through Jhumkas And Chandbalis

23rd May 2018

It’s always been a glee to look at women who have everything sorted. Their hair, makeup, outfi......

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Charming, Subtle And An Overdose Of Pure Love

17th May 2018

How often have you seen brides sporting pure white gowns with no other colours to fill the void and ......

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6 Party Hairstyle Ideas To Quirk Up Your Big Days

30th Mar 2018

Gone are the days when the brides used to have a very traditional hairdo, complimenting their silk s......

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6 Beauty Hacks You Need To Try Before Your D-Day

30th Mar 2018

"It is important for brides to get their beauty sleep and follow a beauty routine even before t......

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Her Beauty Sure Did Steal Our Breath Away

26th Feb 2018

This bride here shall, with no regrets, be referred to as the epitome of a royal bride. Yes. Th......

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Embrace The Purity Of Your Skin With These Natural Skin & Hair Care Products

17th Feb 2018

While there are umpteen beauty and skin care products around the globe, the satisfaction and fulfilm......

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The 4 Different Makeup Looks To Try On Your Big Day

11th Feb 2018

Brides these days have grown to such an extent that they can pull any look, (trust us on this, we......

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The Art That Made Him What He Is Today - Kannan Rajamanickkam Exclusive!

31st Jan 2018

Kannan Rajamanickam, one of the most influential makeup artists we have come across. His way of talk......

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13 Super Fine Reception Hairstyles You Can Experiment On

16th Jan 2018

Hairstyles often go unnoticed back in those days and that fact is not in existence anymore. Oh yes. ......

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A Replication Of Padmavati Done Right!

14th Dec 2017

The Padmavati hype has just not gone down completely, we must say. Even before the movie could be re......

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A Guide To A Subtle And Chic Party Makeup Routine

29th Nov 2017

Gone are the days when women want to have a very bright and cake-y kind of party makeovers. This is ......

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Flaunting Women Power Through Brushes And Blushes

18th Nov 2017

A makeup artist is supposed to be a bride’s best companion on her big day. It solely depends o......

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With The Ability To Make Things Look All The More Beautiful

15th Sep 2017

Chennai based makeup artist Anitha Sridhar is here with one of her finest work. With the tendency o......

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Meet Vithya - The Makeup Artist Behind The Celeb-Glow Of Every Bride She Has Worked With

12th Sep 2017

Being a self employed bridal hair and makeup artist based in London and having an inborn eager inter......

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The Various Looks That Keep Killing People With Elegance And Boldness

11th Sep 2017

Vithya - Hair and Make Up artist who is responsible for most grooms falling in love with the brides ......

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Some Of The Best Looks With Silk Sarees That Keep Making Us Fall In Love

11th Sep 2017

Being fascinated by the art of fashion, colours, makeup and new trends, Vithya - Hair and Make Up ar......

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Elegant & Astounding - Can These Women Be More Beautiful?

1st Aug 2017

When blushes and glitters spoke a beautiful tale and sang an inevitable ballad. When simplicity simu......

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17 South Indian Bridal Looks That Are Nothing Less Than Magical

20th Jul 2017

Every bride is beautiful in her very own unique way. While a makeover is just another ornamental ado......

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An Engagement Look That Leaves You Spellbound

11th Jul 2017

Every bride wants to look stunning for her big day and that's exactly what Deeksha wanted for he......

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A Classy Bridal Shoot - Creating Unforgettable Wedding Moments

28th Jun 2017

The power packed, grand and fully fun Indian weddings are alive with celebrations and customs which ......

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The Perfect Makeover To Look Flawless On Your Wedding Day

25th Apr 2017

All set for your wedding but can’t find a make-up artist? Regardless of how beautiful your sar......

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A Bridal Makeover To Enhance Your Natural Beauty

18th Apr 2017

You must look your absolute best on your wedding day and for a million dollar look you need a profes......

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10 New Mehendi Designs To Try This Season For Your Legs

1st Mar 2017

The term ‘Mehndi’ originated from the Sanskrit word ‘Mehndika’ in the early ......

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8 Trending Mehendi Designs For Your Hands

1st Mar 2017

Women love applying mehndi on special occasions. From detailed mehndi designs to less elaborative on......

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4 Stunning, Different And Inspiring Looks Done By Vithya!

27th Dec 2016

Vithya - Hair and Make Up artist is a make-up artist from London and when we came across her work re......

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10 Favourite Bridal Looks By Noor!

24th Nov 2016

Makeup is very important for every bride. It provides a level of confidence to any bride as she gear......

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20 Brides Who Picked Matching Flower Jadas

8th Aug 2016

Flower Jadas have found a national market, with brides of famous designers walking the ramps with em......

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7 Hair Styles To Go Perfectly With Your Gowns!

29th Jul 2016

Apart from wearing wedding gowns, brides are also trying out evening dresses for reception and other......

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A Little Nudge To Experiment On Some Eye-Make up!

16th Jul 2016

They say eyes are the windows to your soul. One thing about the eyes, apart from being the first thi......

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Mehendi Madness - 15 Mehendi Pics Of Real Brides We Fell In Love With

14th Jul 2016

Mehendi has evolved from its cultural aspect to a fashion statement that results in a some beau......

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Top 10 Make-Up Essentials

11th Jul 2016

A woman has a lot of things in her handbag, practically half her house. But that doesn't al......

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Mad-Over Mehendi

27th Jun 2016

Mehendi has evolved from its cultural aspect to a fashion statement that results in a some beautiful......

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Decorate Your Tresses

21st Jun 2016

For your wedding day, you pay extra attention to every detail in your outfit. So why should anything......

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35 Unique Mehndi Designs For Your Fingertips

12th Jun 2016

Who doesn't love mehndi?! It's an essential part of every girl's bridal routine! We......

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6 Of Shopzters Brides' Most Trusted Beauty Regimes!

30th Apr 2016

Every time we talk to our brides, we ask them an important question on behalf of all the brides......

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Jada Styles For Your Wedding!

18th Mar 2016

Groom? Check. Wedding saree? Check. Gold ornaments? Check? Makeup artist? Check. Mandapam? Check. Ha......

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From The Skillful Artist Herself- Meenal Momaya on Make-Up Trends 2016

15th Mar 2016

Shopzters has been running along the lines of getting the best Trend of 2016 for our Brides-To-Be&nb......

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10 Of Shopzters' Brides With Their Best Bridal Advice!

4th Mar 2016

Stress, water, fruits, exercises, tension, relax, planning! Well, these words have been uttered by a......

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Earthy Tones and Brick Shades!!- Pro Talks With Make-Up Artist Akrithi Sachdev.

1st Feb 2016

    Expert View talks from the most talented and artistic Akrithi , is one of the re......

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Makeup Artist Ibrahim on 2016's Makeup Trends

4th Jan 2016

 : I think the important thing that's trending is some sort of Bridal Fever, says Ibrahim w......

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Perspective Talks From The Make-Up Artist Of The 55 Crore Indian Wedding Extravaganza!

14th Dec 2015

Not everyone who has reached great heights in life would say, I never think of fame as a factor and ......

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10 Spectacular Hairstyles To Go With Your Lehenga

7th Dec 2015

Brides are trying out new styles and different fashion options these days. It is indeed lovely to wa......

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Make-up According To Personality!

16th Nov 2015

Weddings require you to be lady-like (obviously!), highlighted on a feminine side and tone down your......

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10 Best Hair-Do's To Go With Sarees

9th Nov 2015

While there is still a monotonous air around selecting saree for the wedding or reception and then a......

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Glowing Skin Has Always Been Your Dream! Few Things To Help You With That...

20th Oct 2015

Who doesn't love the kind of skin that make heads turn, heart's melt and all those slo-mo sc......

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For A Bride's Perfect Hair Day !

19th Oct 2015

The beautiful locks of black luscious hair are considered to be the beauty of women in India. One ca......

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14 Flower Designs To Complete Your Bridal Hairstyle!

16th Oct 2015

Flowers are the most paramount aspect in a South Indian wedding. A bride can never go wrong with her......

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5 Make-Up Trends You Can’t Miss!

14th Sep 2015

We bring you the top five trends fresh off the runway that are easy to achieve and can be incorporat......

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Style Your Hair According To Your Face Type

7th Sep 2015

Your hairstyle or haircut should make you feel good about yourself, make you feel confident and unde......

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Tips For Catchy Eye Make Up!

6th Jul 2015

Eye make-up can be confusing and here are a few tricks we hope would help you with your daily make-u......

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Five Easy Tricks To A Healthier Skin

15th Jun 2015

Every bride needs to start pampering her skin beforehand, and so we bring you five easy tricks to a ......

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Essential Spa Treatments for the Bride!

8th Jun 2015

You need to put in a little effort to be the bride of the day, take some time off and pamper yoursel......

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Make Up Myths Busted!

1st Jun 2015

Everybody you meet has something new to say, so today we take the top 5 make-up myths that have been......

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5 Makup Mistakes A Bride Should Avoid

2nd Mar 2015

Many brides overlook the make-up and leave it completely in the hands of their make-up artist. That ......

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Juicy Chemistry - Elements of Nature

9th Feb 2015

Healthy skin is the sign of a healthy body! At juicy chemistry, we offer you a line of freshly ha......

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How To Choose Your Lipstick

26th Jan 2015

A woman doesn't ask for much, just a lipstick that doesn't require hourly retouching and mak......

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Pre-Wedding Bridal Care Routine!

5th Jan 2015

Our brides should look and feel their best on their wedding day. We jot down a few points which will......

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Trending Bridal Nail Art Designs!

29th Dec 2014

Your hands are the object of every womans envy on your wedding day. Your mehndi isdeep and detaile......

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Experiment With The Winged Eyeliner!

22nd Dec 2014

Celebs all around the world have been seen sporting this retro look. From Kareena Kapoor to Deepika ......

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5 Tips To Look Picture Perfect In Your Wedding Pictures

15th Dec 2014

Your pictures from the special day will live forever, they'll be passed on to your relatives and......

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Top 5 Essential Makeup Tips!

8th Dec 2014

1. Picking your foundation: The first step to getting your make- up right is to pick a foundati......

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5 important tips to choose your makeup artist

1st Dec 2014

Your make-up will play a big role in defining how you look on your special day and in the pictures t......

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Tips for the bride – Basics of make up!

27th Jul 2013

Want to look like a more polished version of you on your wedding day?! Here's what you need to k......

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Tips for the bride – Hair Style!

1st Jul 2013

Talk to a hair stylist as soon as the date for your wedding has been finalised. This consultation......

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Dos and Don’t s of bridal makeup!

26th Jun 2013

Get your bridal makeup right by following these rules: FOR YOUR FACE: DO -Stick to a classic ......

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