4 Beautiful Looks From The Wedding of This Pretty Lass!

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Date: 20th-Sep-2019

We have always loved when makeup merely accentuates the features of the muse and doesn’t alter their appearance completely. And Makeover By Vithya nails it with every look! Here’s a gorgeous bride who looks lovely with and without makeup! She has definitely experimented with lots of bright hues and the has carefully crafted every one of her looks with the finest jewellery too! But our favourite aspect of every look of hers has to be her makeup! Don't you agree? Scroll down to check out all her gorgeous looks! 


There always has to be a quintessential bridal portrait with her closest friends! We love the bright pink lippie on this one!


 No better colour than red to go bold on your big day!


Haha, this one is definitely for the frames! Love this beautiful shot of the bride and her friends!


This look is a total winner- bold brows, winged liner, contoured face and a bright red lip!


This shot is so well-framed, we are in love! Right from the bride's beautiful Mehendi in display to her flawless makeup, we love it. We love her side-swept hair too!


These friends of hers are definitely playing a huge role in making her feel like an absolute princess on her big day!


Love the colour-coordination between these adorable lovebirds!




Who doesn't love a photoshoot set against the village backdrop!



Like a total boss!


The lens take the look to a whole other level! Love how the smokey eye shows up against it!





Love this adorable dynamic duo!




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