The 4 Different Makeup Looks To Try On Your Big Day

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Date: 13th-Feb-2018

Brides these days have grown to such an extent that they can pull any look, (trust us on this, we've seen thousands!) Here are few pictures from which you can get inspired by as to what look to take over depending upon the kind of wedding you're hosting and the different looks to keep up with for the various events for your big day. Ranging between the traditional bridal look to the Mehndi look, the list is worth it all. Makeup Artist Indhu deserves a special mention for having brought out these looks so lively and beautifully.

Christian look – This one's for all the Christian brides who would look like doves in their pretty and peaceful white gowns. 

Traditional Muhurtham look – This one's the most appreciated one out of all. When done right, this look could make your big day. 

Pre-wedding look – A simple saree with a gorgeous smile and subtle makeup. That's about to do the magic on your pre-weds. 

Mehndi look - With the gorgeous lehenga and subtle jewelry, this one's for all those who would like to go traditional for their Mehndi.


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