A Replication Of Padmavati Done Right!

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Date: 16th-Dec-2017

The Padmavati hype has just not gone down completely, we must say. Even before the movie could be released officially, there are so many things that have been taking rounds about the movie on its whole. Here is a fascinating crew, who replicated the look of our very own Deepika Padukone as Padmavati. With the apt and accurate replication of highly embossed lehengas, amusing set of chockers, alluring set of bangles, earrings, finger-rings, nethichuttis and to top it all, a very resembling makeup and hairstyle-look completes the look and surely does ultimate justice to the Padmavati of real times. 

Special thanks to the crew that made it all possible.

Makeup and hair - Makeup Artistry by Kavitha Sekar

Designer - @studio-149-by-swathiclothing#

Photoraphy - Liok Studios

Jewelry - Vaishali Jewels 



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