A royal elegance - bride Nivetha and her engagement!

Makeup and Beauty

Date: 12th-Mar-2020

The made for each other couple, Nivetha and Rahul recently decided to live their dreams by getting engaged to each other. It was an elegant ceremony where both the betrothed looked their best. The groom to be Raghu looked dapper in a clean and simple off-white Shawani, while the bride to be looked gorgeous and regal in a baby pink kanjeevaram saree.

The make up for Nivetha was done by Divya Make Up And Hair . Her make up looked natural yet dewy and striking. Her face was made up in such a way that her most attractive features such as her high cheek bones and beautiful eyes were highlighted. Her lips were painted with lustrous red shade and her cheeks tinted with a slight blush. The bride to be looked like a queen ready to reign!

Her hair do was decked into traditional braids that were lined with beautiful white flowers. She was seen wearing a beautiful pink kanjeevaram and she wore intricately designed antique kemp jewellery to match her ensemble.

We wish the lovely couple good times and we can’t wait to see them as bride and groom on their big day!


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