This Bride's 3 Looks Are Absolutely Gorgeous!

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Date: 9th-Oct-2019

Bridal looks are constantly evolving with new fashion trends coming in every second of the day. Bright cakey, party makeovers are so yesterday and today, bridal looks are all about subtlety and going bold only when necessary. Either they play up the eyes and go nude on the lips or go bold on the lips and visually balance the entire look with a winged liner to complete it. Matching outfits with the makeup too is of paramount importance. Here's a couple of looks by Varsha Bridal Makeover all of which are absolutely amazing, nailing the art of subtlety and visual balance! 

Scroll down to check them out!


Look 1 is that of a quintessential South Indian bride and she is the epitome of elegance and grace. We love the strongly defined brows, the winged liner and most importantly her bold lips. We love the neatly plaited hair and the accessories to go with.


Look 2 is a gorgeous dramatic look, going heavy on the lashes and lips! We love the puffed hair with a neat braid, interwoven with fresh jasmine flowers. 


Look 3 is the perfect look for a gorgeous evening reception! A dash of glitter in combination with off white and marsala lehenga is absolute perfection. The straight hair totally changes this ensemble to a very fun and elegant look!

Photography by Zero Gravity Photography

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