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Best Couple Outfits from 2019

19th Jan 2020

Couples who slay together, stay together!  Wearing coordinated outfits has become a trend thes......

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Soar The Skies With This Beautiful Couple!

26th Apr 2019

Brides and grooms these days are very particular about the photos be it their wedding photography, c......

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Rural village -The Perfect Backdrop For A Quirky Outdoor Photo Shoot

26th Apr 2019

More and more millennials are choosing villages and other rural areas for their weddings and shoots.......

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Ideas For Couple Portraiture Wearing Matching Clothes

22nd Feb 2019

Photographs are the ‘in’ thing, in this age of social media and Instagram. If you are ab......

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Perfect Matching Couple Outfits For A Picturesque Outdoor Shoot

18th Feb 2019

Nothing to beat a long and elegant gown on a bride for the outdoor couple shoot. These gowns can be ......

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All The Colour Coordinated Outfit Inspiration You Need - Reception Edition!

14th Feb 2019

Stand out during your reception wearing matching ensemble that make you look regal and poised. Our f......

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All The Colour Coordinated Outfit Inspiration You Need- Muhurtham Edition!

11th Feb 2019

Matches are made not only in heaven. Sometimes they are also made in a designer’s studio or a ......

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20 Best Mehendi Decor Ideas For Your Big Day!

22nd Jan 2019

Mehendi is that one event that is closest to all of our hearts, for all our friends and family come ......

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A Romantic Proposal Amidst The Clouds In A Hot Air Baloon

13th Feb 2018

How amazing would it be if you get to marry the love of your life, your best friend and your most tr......

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A Fully Local Themed Sangeeth That Broke Stereotypes

21st Dec 2017

You have seen Sangeeth nights being replicated from Bollywood or even Hollywood for that matter. Hav......

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Fun Pictures For Couples To Take With Family And Friends - Part 2

4th Dec 2017

Indo-western outfits have become the order of the day. When a couple decide to go full on traditiona......

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7 Wedding Themes From Vivahhika To Make Your Big Day Look Merrier!

23rd Nov 2017

Decorations, like every other part of a wedding serve a very particular place and cause. Decorations......

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For The Love Of All Things Bright And Vivid - Decor Inspirations From Our Real Bride Reshma's Wedding!

22nd Nov 2017

Reshma Singh, one of Shopzters beautiful brides, (You can read her wedding story here) had some of t......

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Traditional Outfit Ideas For Women To Ace Up Their Couple Shoots

8th Nov 2017

Sarees. The six yards of magnificence that never fails to amuse us Indians. Although if the sarees a......

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10 Indo - Western outfit ideas For Every Girl To Ace Up The Couple Shoots

8th Nov 2017

Long gowns, short western dresses and flary dresses have been doing their rounds with regards to the......

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10 Long Gown Ideas To Ace Up Your Couple Shoots

8th Nov 2017

Long gowns have been doing their rounds with regards to the western culture having a very great impa......

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Red Gown Ideas To Ace Up Your Photo Shoots

8th Nov 2017

RED GOWNS! Yes, you heard us right. Everything that looks or spells red is going to be absolutely ra......

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Fun Pictures For Couples To Take With Family And Friends - Part 1

30th Oct 2017

Getting pictures right on your friends’ weddings are a mandatory thing to do. There are times ......

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18 Fun Couple Pictures With Groomsmen

11th Oct 2017

While on one side, the trend of posing for pictures with bridesmaids is growing, on the other we hav......

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Rings Of Fire – Photo shoot Ideas For This Diwali

10th Oct 2017

Diwali being the festival of lights, every photographer’s delight is to play with the lights a......

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16 Mandap Decor Ideas For Your Outdoor Wedding

22nd Jun 2017

The auspicious ‘Phera Ritual’ in the Mandap is not only the most significant but also th......

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Chic Decor Without Breaking The Bank

16th Jun 2017

The savvy décor guru’s at Vivahhika share secrets to creating the ultimate wedding d&ea......

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Top Places In South India To Have A Royal Wedding

24th May 2017

In India, a country well known for its unity in diversity, taking the sacred oath to begin a journey......

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6 Love Nooks In South India For Your Post Wedding Photo Shoot

3rd May 2017

There is something about post wedding photo shoots that puts a grin on our faces. The wedding celebr......

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Add A Dream Like Effect to Your Pre - Wedding Shoot With Smoke Bombs: A Trend to Try in 2017!

1st Mar 2017

Drone shots, selfie stations and photo booths, classic film photography, editorial style shots, capt......

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10 Last Minute Wedding Planning Details You Can’t Afford To Forget!

6th Jan 2017

After days of researching, saving and planning, finally your Big-Day is just around the corner. Does......

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5 Ideas For Couples To Have Fun At Their Wedding!

6th Jan 2017

Weddings don’t have to be fun for just the guests. The Star-Couple can have their bit of fun a......

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Small Touches To Increase The Guests Comfort!

5th Jan 2017

Indian Weddings are elaborate (this is an understatement) and super fun (this is so true) to attend.......

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For An Auspicious Beginning - Pre-Wedding Shoot At Ancient Temples

3rd Oct 2016

Be it a tourist attraction or pilgrimage haven, a temple is a sacred place. It's a place where p......

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Heart Strings - Guitar Photo Shoots For The Romantic Couples!

1st Oct 2016

Love inspires us to find beauty in everything we see, in everything we hear, and in everything we fe......

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Framing Tales Of Love And Laughter

30th Sep 2016

In this era, where everything is instant and virtualistic, it's hard to remember the beauty of c......

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A Sparkling Romance - Pre-Wedding Beach Shoot

27th Sep 2016

When we go to the beach, we see no shortage of couples. In fact beach scenes come with couples like ......

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Reign Of Romance

21st Sep 2016

Umbrellas are romantic. We have all seen more than one couple lounging under an umbrella at the beac......

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Invisible Brush Strokes, Visible Romance - A Heart-stealing Photo Series

9th Sep 2016

Before technology took over the world, artists captured the images of life and nature and people wit......

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10 Personalised Trousseau Ideas For Every Bride

18th Aug 2016

Your world changes when you get married and rightly so, everything is now connected to another perso......

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Celebrate Your Love - Holi Themed Photo Shoots

4th Aug 2016

A wedding is all about colours and celebration, so it only makes sense that we adapt those aspects i......

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Five Unconventional Return Gifts For Your Guests

26th Jul 2016

Who says weddings are just to receive presents? This generation of brides and grooms believe in givi......

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OFF-BEAT Couple-Shooting Spots in Pondicherry

12th Jul 2016

Looking out for spots to do some Couple-Shoot? Here's your chance to hit the roads and travel to......

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5 Ways to Surprise Your Partner

2nd Jul 2016

Take some time out from your everyday mundane life to make your partner feel loved and special. It&#......

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Quirky Photo-Shoot Ideas

29th May 2016

A pre-wedding photo shoot has become an invariable part of every wedding, but it bound to get monoto......

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Be Picture Perfect !! Wearing Matching Outfits On Your Big Day!!

27th May 2016

Dressing up matching with your man on your D-Day would be the most romantic thing!!! Wouldn'......

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De-Stress With Your Partner This Weekend

27th May 2016

There comes a time in every relationship when the monotonous life starts catching up with you. You h......

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For all those To-Be Brides, We Bring You The Top-10 Movies To Watch Before You Tie The Knot.

26th May 2016

27 dresses Because this is the ultimate new age fairy-tale, stating that all your dreams will event......

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35 Pics To Show That Mahabalipuram Is One Of The Most Favourite Couple Shoot Spots!

16th May 2016

In the shores of Bay of Bengal, magnificently stands the Shore temple of Mahabalipuram or Mamallapur......

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Pondicherry - A Blend Of Romance & Class!

12th May 2016

Remember the yellow walls with the white borders in most of the Tamil movie romantic songs!? How cou......

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Are you a Potter maniac ?? You have got to take a look at this!!!!

5th May 2016

Potters, Weasleys, Granger, Dumbledore, Hogwarts, Witchcraft, Wizardry, 9 3/4 , Gryffindor, Slytheri......

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10 Magnificent Architectural Locations In India For Couple Shoots!

21st Apr 2016

India is known to have an unimaginable strong bond with art, culture and more importantly architectu......

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Things A Girl Must Do Before She Says 'I Do'

15th Apr 2016

Do you feel ready to take that next important milestone in your life called marriage? Give us a minu......

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When There Is Love, It Just Shows! What Looks Like Fun, Is Fun!

15th Apr 2016

What is an occasion without your close friends nearby? And especially when it is your wedding we are......

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Customized Invitations Are The Couple's Favourite Now!

12th Apr 2016

Invite #1 Newspaper Invite Newspaper invite for a lovely couple from Vijayawada. The newspap......

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Celebrity Pre- Wedding Shoots For Couples!

6th Apr 2016

Having been involved with grooming models and organizing their makeovers, Karthik and Moonstruck Wed......

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Ella Ella. Umbrellas Everywhere! Thank You Chennai Rains & Summer!

3rd Apr 2016

These Colorful Umbrellas are a thing now, thanks to Chennai Rains! It's beautiful to watch ......

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7 Stunning Couple Shoots That Was Done Abroad

27th Mar 2016

Finding a place abroad for a honeymoon can have its own perks of including a Post-Wedding Shoot for ......

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15 Awesome Shots Couples’ Friends Should Have With The Couple

24th Mar 2016

One thing that is bound to happen at a best friend's wedding, apart from the food hogging i......

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How Much Should You Pay For A Custom Wedding Invitation? - Guest Blog

17th Mar 2016

Couples come to me often with this question,  'I need a custom wedding invite, how muc......

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Uniqueness! - Thy Name Is Masala Popsicles!

1st Mar 2016

Goodies and Trousseaus are not just bought here, but made with a uniqueness that only represents her......

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10 Fun Stuff To Do While Trying To Get To Know Your ‘To-Be’!

28th Feb 2016

It is pretty much awkward smiles, swallowed up words, a lot of thinking at the start of an arranged ......

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Pictures That Scream Out Loud That You Can Be Quirky & Classy With Anything You Have!

27th Feb 2016

Worry much about how perfect your wedding photos should be! Planning and buying all the props availa......

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Surreal underwater proposal - Karishma & Vishesh

24th Feb 2016

He asked... She said yes.. Qouting Wedding Nama, "One of the most challenging shoots that we ha......

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Planning Creative Ways To Remind Your Friends To 'Save The Date'? Here's Something To Inspire!

20th Feb 2016

It's just so tiring to type in huge texts on WhatsApp and Facebook to keep reminding your friend......

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25 Fun-Class Bride And Groom Entries To Quirk Up Your Wedding Celebrations!

19th Feb 2016

With colorful, fun and grand Bride and Groom Entries becoming a part of Wedding Celebrations th......

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8 Perfect Picks For A Valentines Dinner In Bangalore!

14th Feb 2016

When it's pick-a-place game with Bangalore, it's just so confusing! And that's why ......

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Epic Romantic Dinner Spots In Chennai! A Very Special ‘Brunch’ Spot Is Hidden In There Too!

6th Feb 2016

Well, wondering about making reservations for a lovely Valentines Dinner with your One! We'......

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Wedding Shoots With Fun Props- A Creativity Tweak!

21st Jan 2016

There is no fun without Props and some crazy faces at a shoot. Honestly, filling up the frame with m......

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Return Gift Ideas!

26th Nov 2015

One's presence and a whole hearted wish for the couple is a special gift generously given, happi......

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Off-Beat Spots For A Couple Shoot In Chennai

12th Nov 2015

Catching the Chennai-Vibe of Namma Chennai is becoming a thing among the photographers these da......

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27 Infectious Wedding Poses And Photos You Should Definitely Take A Look At!

23rd Oct 2015

Planning your wedding right now?? Take a little time off and relax yourself while taking a look at t......

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10 Creatives Wedding Invites That Caught Our Eye

25th Jun 2015

You're getting married and you want everybody in on the good news. Why don't you move on fro......

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Awesome V-day getaways you cannot say no to!

13th Feb 2015

Cherubs ringing in the ears and pink and red roses adorning the season. Love is not just in the......

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Valentine's Day Special - Gifts for Him!

12th Feb 2015

You're going to spend the rest of your life together, so it is only customary to start at a good......

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10 Ways to Surprise Your Special Someone!

11th Feb 2015

Take your partner for a long drive, with ice cream and good music. Enjoy each other's company an......

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8 Tips To Dress For Your Couple Shoot

14th Dec 2014

Couple Shoot has become an integral part of wedding photography. So much effort goes into it, right ......

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Special Gifts!

8th May 2014

Apoorva Balasubramanian The best gift that my husband ever gave me was for my birthday. I was so exc......

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