16 Mandap Decor Ideas For Your Outdoor Wedding

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The auspicious ‘Phera Ritual’ in the Mandap is not only the most significant but also the most photographed moment of an Indian wedding. The rituals at the Mandap are the focal point of weddings today. While decorating a Mandap seems rather uncomplicated, the same is not the case when you are going for an outdoor wedding. 

Here are some fascinating Mandap décor options from real weddings that combine color, creativeness and class, while also meeting your taste and your outdoor wedding theme.

This Mandap radiates the spirit of love and romance with its abundance of stunning and vibrant flowers.

PC - amaahyaj

This luminous Mandap with its extraordinary yellow floral décor is a feast for the eyes! 

PC - With love Nilma

This stunning Mandap features unique floral arrangements that add a pop of color to the wedding pictures.

PC -  anbu jawahar

The dome shaped Mandap, heavily weaved with opulent floral arrangements signifies love and happiness and romance. 

PC - Varun Suresh

Decor by The A Cube Project

This chic pink Mandap is a showstopper because of its remarkable floral décor that go perfectly with the pink drapes.

PC - Pixelstory.in 

The brilliantly manicured garden is the perfect place to set up this lavish Mandap adorned with lustrous golden drapes and red and white flowers 

PC - Pixelstory.in

This simple yet beautiful Mandap with white and yellow floral décor that contrasts beautifully with the blue water is bound to attract attention of one and all. 

PC - Pixelstory.in

Ivory drapes with contrasting floral arrangements creates a pristine canvas in this Mandap décor idea. 

PC - Vinay Arvind Photography

Orange drapes ornamented with matching floral décor is a splendid Mandap décor idea for an outdoor wedding 

PC - With love Nilma

This vibrant Mandap provides a picture-perfect backdrop that exudes opulence and grandeur. 

PC - Pooja Joseph Photography

This flowery Mandap is impressive with its white and red floral arrangements that contrast wonderfully with the backdrop.

PC Rahul Shah

This flowery Mandap is impressive with its white and red floral arrangements that contrast wonderfully with the backdrop. 

PC - Pixelstory.in

This breathtaking Mandap seems like a scene from the movies. In one word the grand setup of the Mandap is a MASTERPIECE! 

PC - Memory Lanes Production

This Oceanside Mandap is serene and charming with a chandelier and some plants festooned in a spectacular arrangement to create a dramatic effect. 

PC - Varun Suresh

This elegant and minimalistic Mandap is unforgettable with its golden latkans and matching chairs festooned with white flowers. 

PC - 3 productions

This splendid Mandap spells grace and extravagance. Crafted especially for an outdoor wedding it features an eye-catching red theme.

PC -  3 productions


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