20 Best Mehendi Decor Ideas For Your Big Day!

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Date: 22nd-Jan-2019

Mehendi is that one event that is closest to all of our hearts, for all our friends and family come under one roof in this intimate function and well, you know the rest. It’s one BIG party! Mehendi, is that time when the bride and the groom get their dancing shoes on and rave like there is no tomorrow. Given the fun tone of this event, it is usually a riot of colours, with pichkaris and water balloons. That is probably why majority of the Mehendi parties that are thrown are along the theme of the Holi festival. But lately, we’ve been seeing a shift in the trends to that of pool parties! Some brides opt to have classic English tea parties, complete with pastel hues, heels and hats. We definitely have our quintessential Indian bride who wants to go the Desi route and have bullock carts, auto rickshaws, bazaar type pull carts and even life size trucks! But whatever route taken, this is one happy event that all the closest friends and family eagerly await. Here are a few of our favourite decor themes that you can draw inspiration from for your Mehendi!



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