A Fully Local Themed Sangeeth That Broke Stereotypes

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Date: 23rd-Dec-2017

You have seen Sangeeth nights being replicated from Bollywood or even Hollywood for that matter. Have you ever seen a Sangeeth going fully local and even though the whole concept of Sangeeth is that of a North-Indian rip. Here's to a "breaking all stereotypes" kinda decor by Event Art taking the South-Indian village culture to a whole new level of amusement named "Dakshin Dhamaka". With the incorporation of life-sized Ayyanars for the photo booth, real-time paper fans, usage of veshti borders for decorating chairs, trident or the trishuls, Tanjore dolls, Thirupachi arivaals, a DJ console and the dance floor adorned by traditional rangolis known as Kolams, and a cocktail counter turned into a Tasmac space. Woah! This piece of art is sure giving us some goals, what say?




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