Fun Pictures For Couples To Take With Family And Friends - Part 2

Ideas for Couple to Grab

Date: 6th-Dec-2017

Indo-western outfits have become the order of the day. When a couple decide to go full on traditional for their wedding day, they will take a turn on their receptions to go the Indo-western way. As a succession to the last collection of pictures to not miss on your friend’s wedding with traditional outfits, we are here again with a collection of stunning pictures in Indo-western outfits that couples and their family and friends chose to adore on their big day. Never forget that the attires change but the enthusiasm and the energy remain the same. Presenting unto you, the flawless pictures to not miss on your friends’ weddings.


GET THEM IN A MIDDLE OF KISSING – While the couple kiss each other, instead of stopping them to do so, pose for the camera at awe. A moment of their intimacy turning into a moment of joy and excitement.

Pic courtesy - Studio 31


TEASE THE COUPLE – Shots like these are everywhere these days. Tease the couple, show them your joy and enjoy the moment. These shots are inevitable for sporty couples.

Pic courtesy - vipin


TRY TO PULL THEM APART (For photographic purposes, of course) – These shots are always fun. When you try to pull a couple apart they tend to get closer and that’s a joy for both parties? Am I right?

Pic courtesy - creative wedding photography

Pic courtesy - the wedding bunch 

Pic courtesy - The memory writers 


BREAK A LEG – Dancing at your friend’s wedding. Well, that’s a dream for most people. Do that dance. Break a leg or two and cherish the moments.

Pic courtesy - Zero gravity


CENTRE OF ATTRACTION – This one’s a cliché, although depends on how quirky you make it look like with all your make-do improvisations.

Pic courtesy - creative wedding photography


PROP IT UP – There are a million ways to improvise on this one. Not just placards, sun glasses, crackers, flower bouquets and ribbons anything might get to be the props and you can always add on to the list.

Pic courtesy - Siraj khan photography

Pic courtesy - creative wedding photography 


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