16 Different Nethi Chutti Designs We Spotted On Real Brides Recently

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Nethi Chutti is a traditional ornament that has always been a part of South Indian wedding tradition! It is an essential element of the bride’s trousseau which possesses a longstanding significance and value. The mystical Nethi Chutti has a profound meaning associated with it and this understated accessory never fails to add elegance to the brides look. This striking ornament has grown and evolved immensely over the years especially in terms of designs and adornments and we bring you 16 different nethi chutti designs to help you choose the perfect bridal avatar for yor big day. These brides have been dolled up by Bronzer Bridal Makeup Artist and infact most of them are wearing the jewellery by Bronzer Bridal Jewellery.

Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures with us Viji!

A classic Nethi Chutti design that has been in-style favorite for years. A traditional gift that adds grace to your bridal look!

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Photo credits : Focuz studios


The very fashionable single string Nethi Chutti! Understated and traditional, this is a perfect piece for the minimalist brides. 


From the expert hands of gifted craftsmen this intricately designed Nethi Chutti is as unique as the one donning it.

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Photo credits : Rakesh prakash


The passa or jhoomar style Nethi Chutti sitting gracefully on the left side is elevating the brides look to royalty.

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Photo credits : Creative wedding Photography


An elaborate Nethi Chutti with intricate work, acting as a perfect match for the strong personality of the poised bride. 


This multi string Nethi Chutti is a little more opulent. The strands beautify the bride’s forehead and the Chutti looks majestic with its red and green gemstone ornamentation. 


This double string Nethi Chutti is a statement piece drawing everyones attention to itself and the of course the bride. 


Embodying tradition, this petite Nethi Chutti works wonders for those brides who like to keep it simple. 


Incorporating the heritage and glam that can only be worthy of goddesses, this majestic temple theme inspired Nethi Chutti creates a dramatic and bold statement. 

This traditional South Indian Nethi Chutti features an attention-grabbing blend of dangling pearls with red and green gemstone embellishments.

Photo credits : Rakesh Prakash


This simple yet trendy Kundan Nethi Chutti adds a bit of drama to enhance the bridal ensemble. 


This ultra chic Nethi Chutti sits magnificently on the bride’s crown giving her a praiseworthy look. 


 Just the Nethi Chutti for a bride in quest of a light-weight hair accessory.


The dangling adornments of this embellished Nethi Chutti will turn any one into the cynosure of all eyes! 

 A classic Nethi Chutti paired with a delicate nose ring for a bridal look that is a statement in itself.


This intricatey crafted Nethi Chutti is a big favourite with would-be brides. And why shouldn’t it be? After all, it is the perfect crown for the Queen!

Photo credits : Zero Gravity 


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