Breathtaking Bridal Never-Seen-Before Navrang Collection All In One Glance

Jewellery and Accessories

Date: 29th-Jul-2018

This exclusive collection of bridal jewellery truly represents an insignia of our culture and traditions. Hailing from time immemorial jewellery has resurfaced in many avatars. One of the most unique jewellery styles is the temple jewellery. The embossed traditional necklaces featuring the goddesses and adorned with precious stones add a majestic appeal to your look. The stunning gold plated necklaces with studded fancy stones and beads are also a great option to pull off a trendy look without spending too much. These fine ornaments are the product of intricate workmanship by Sri Vasavi Thanga Maligai, the premium jewellery house. Peak in and find these interesting designs at Stall P1, The Residency Towers, Coimbatore From 27 to 29th July 2018. 


















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