Jaw dropping gold chokers that carry a story from history!

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Date: 18th-Feb-2020

Chocker necklaces were a major trend in the early 90s but they have made a major comeback in recent years and have been popular ever since. The chockers accentuate your neck and make you look like you have a slim neck and accentuate the collarbones. If you are looking for an accessory that will look bring together your entire ensemble, chokers are an obvious go-to choice!


Kajol looks ravishing wearing this elaborate and intricate piece of chocker that has bead-tassel detailing in it. We love the use of kemp stone sin this piece from Joy Alukkas.


This designer neck piece has a unique way of infusing grace and glamour. The stunning piece feels like an homage to history of India with beautiful motifs of Lakshmi and peacocks.


The choker reflects the vibrancy and elegance. It is an ode to the brilliant craftsmanship set with precious stones in nagas designs.


This chocker with the motifs of Radha and Krishna celebrates the artistry of traditional miniature designs and brings charm to the jewellery you can wear on your big day. This piece brings a sense of Indian heritage to your jewellery.


Channel your inner goddess on your wedding day and sparkle wearing this unique piece of jewellery that is unparalleled, unmatched and unique as you!


This festive season adorn the master piece that has beautifully detailed Krishna motifs that will make you look like a goddess! The intricate design demonstrations the expertise of the skilled artisans and craftsmen.


Take a step back through time and experience what it must have felt like to be a royal during India’s Golden Age when you put on this exquisite nagaas choker.


As a bride, we know how important it is for you to look beautiful on your special day.  Bedeck yourself with one of the most unique and thought-provoking designs, elevating every piece you adorn with his beautiful gold choker.


This chic yet classy signature choker necklace brings together centuries of history, decades of refinement and years of articulation to create a piece this magnificent statement piece. We adore the compartmentalised use of motifs and the matching earrings too!


Captivating and carefully crafted, channel the fierce queen within you when you wear the beautiful handmade choker from SVTM jewels.


The legacy of India has always served as the backdrop for such designs, taking inspiration from its great rulers and gentle soul. This choker necklace harks back to the days of maharanis and princesses, with delicately worked masterpiece cascading down your neck.


The temple collection of SVTM jewels features unique, traditional pieces like this gold choker, which offer an artistic lens through which we can experience our country’s heritage. The Rama and consorts motif stands out making the choker a unique piece of craftsmanship.


A distinctive statement of versatile, modern jewellery that stems from centuries of heritage and tradition; strung together in a medley of jewels is depicted by this timeless elegant choker.


Mark your special moments with the enchanting neckpieces from SVTM jewels. This choker exudes style and sophistication with a classy and ethnic touch.

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