A Baby Shower Ceremony That Is Sure To Inspire You To Have one

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Date: 5th-Jan-2018

Baby showers have become a thing now. It is yet another way of inviting the very new member into your family and a member whom you shall never stop celebrating. Such is the beauty of every baby shower that had ever happened. Welcoming ten little fingers, a pair of eyes that we shall never stop falling in love with and the feet that is yet to walk the face of earth. The baby shower of Shivani and Sai, taken care of the to-be-born little cupcake’s grandparents in a grandeur manner. The decorations were by Dream day designers who received umpteen compliments from many at the gathering and as they claim, “Thanks for giving us our freedom to implement all our new ideas.” The event was beautifully captured by Arun Titan Studio


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